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1. Preparation of the surface Francesco Guardi quartz plaster should be applied to strong, durable and perfectly even surface. The substrate must be clean, dry and free of dust, grease and other substances reducing adhesion . Before applying the plaster dry and well seasoned prime the surface with primer Francesco Guardi color similar to the color of the plaster. New ground cement and cement - lime should be primed after min . 4 weeks of their completion . Application of quartz plaster dries , you can start primer ie . After min . 24 hours after priming with optimum drying conditions 2. The method of application Application: The product thoroughly before using a low speed mixer. The plaster is applied by trowel plastic, stainless steel trowel, float Venetian INOX or spray. The thickness of the plaster should be slightly larger than the thickness of the grain. Smoothing: In order to obtain a uniform surface finish should be thoroughly but gently smoothed with a trowel or a plastic trowel Venetian INOX in such a manner as to leave no streaks. In no event should not be unduly so-called smooth plaster. "Mirror", which may result in chafing trowel and, consequently, the occurrence of gray spots. Excessive "stretch" plaster may result in lighter and darker spots caused by uneven thickness of the plaster. Sprayable: plaster should be diluted with up to 5% (per 20 kg of plaster to 1 liter of water per 10 kg of plaster and 0.5 liters of water). Prepared plaster mass should be applied using a plaster kit recommended by LAKMA. The flow of the spray perpendicular to the wall surface from a distance of 40 - 50 cm. The gun should be carried out with a uniform motion on the surface forming a separate entity. The way of the gun should be carried in a circular motion, horizontal or vertical. The recommended gun nozzle 2, 3. Additional information Due to the occurrence of natural raw materials , to achieve the best aesthetic we recommend plastered surface constituting a separate entity in one step executive , purchasing order . The work of applying plaster quartz Francesco Guardi should be carried out at a substrate temperature and ambient temperature from + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C , avoiding direct sunlight , both in and dries . Do not apply when air humidity exceeding 80 %. Over mixing plaster and mixing on high speed can cause discoloration and foaming aggregate binder. LAKMA® SAT is not responsible for the quality of the work done in the case of plastering not adhere to the

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