Multi Hand Wipes 100

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Multi-pupose trade wipes for hands, tools and surfaces. Cleans paint, adhesive, sealant, expanding foam, bitumen, oil, grease and much more! Comes in a handy re-sealable tub (foil sealed to prolong shelf life). Multi-Wipes in 100 wipe tubs are foil sealed for freshness. Remove the lid, (peel away the foil seal on 100s), thread the central wipe through the lid and replace. When using Multi-Wipe Spray, spray direct onto the area that requires cleaning and wipe with Bond It Paper Towels. To extend the life of Bond It Multi-Wipes add some of the spray liquid to the tub, or add directly to a wipe. When using on spills, use immediately for best results. Ideal for the workshop, office, home or on the move. No need for water, soap and cleaner. No need for dirty towels. One wipe does the job. Contains Aloe Vera to minimise any irritation on skin. Powerful anti-bacterial performance.

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